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TeDan Surgical Innovations, LLC, is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality specialty surgical instrumentation for use in orthopedic, neuro and thoracic surgery.  TSI guarantees that all of our products have been manufactured by skilled instrument craftsmen, using only quality materials.  Every effort is made to manufacture the finest quality surgical instruments at exacting specifications.


TeDan Surgical Innovations specializes in cervical retractors, lumbar retractors, thoracic retractors, anterior hip retractors, distraction screws, minimally invasive retractors and instruments for minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Retractor

TeDan Surgical Innovations partnered with orthopedic surgeons Lawrence Menedez and Daniel C. Allison to develop a retractor system that enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive anterior hip replacements on a standard operating table without a surgical assistant.  Maintain operative independence with this revolutionary system. 

Pivoting Retractors

The patented pivoting mechanism on our retractors allows each blade to pivot up to 30° after it has been placed inside the surgical site to increase visibility without increasing the incision size.  Pivot one or both arms, depending on surgeon preference.


Sure-Lock™ Front Loading Retractor Blade Holders

Quickly and easily add another blade or hook to the lumbar retractor frame with TeDan’s Sure-Lock™ Front Loading Retractor Blade Holders.


Sure-Lock™ Side Loading

The Sure-Lock™ Side Loading Retractors quickly, safely and easily connect retractor blades to the retractor body. Other locking retractors have protruding release switches which have been known to catch on gloves and break the sterile field.  The push-button release on the sure-lock system is low-profile, unobtrusive and safe to use with gloves.  The Sure-Lock™ will not release the blades if the button is pressed while the blades are under pressure, so there’s no chance of accidental release during the procedure.


Phantom ML™ Series

The Phantom ML™ Series offers a variety of options for minimally invasive surgery including retractor tubes and retractor blades for use in the extreme lateral approach to the lumbar spine.  Minimally invasive procedures use a smaller incision which leaves less scarring for the patient and reduces the potential for tissue trauma. Our pivoting retractor, light source and light cables ensure that the surgeon does not have to sacrifice visibility in a minimally invasive procedure.  Minimally Invasive, Maximum Access.


CT Retractors and Blades

TSI’s Retractor Blades for Cardio Thoracic surgeries are curved to conform to the shape of the ribs to minimize pressure and reduce trauma.  The CT-0100 Retractor can pivot the blades up to 30° after they have been placed in the incision for increased visibility in the wound.  For additional visibility, CT Blades are available with light channels for the insertion of Phantom Light Cables which illuminate the surgical site.

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