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Orthopedic Surgery Instruments

TeDan Surgical Innovations is proud to offer the finest in Orthopedic Surgery Instruments. Our cutting edge product line ensures that when you choose TeDan, you choose the finest in Orthopedic surgical instrumentation. 

Our orthopedic retractors are designed for cervical and lumbar surgeries to allow access to the spine.  Retractors include features such as a sure-lock system, which quickly, safely and easily connects blades to the retractor body, as well as a patented,  pivoting mechanism that allows the retractor arms to pivot up to 30° once inside the wound site to increase visualization without increasing the size of the incision.    

TeDan engineers and manufactures a wide variety of titanium and aluminum orthopedidc retractor blades to meet individual surgeon and patient needs.  All retractor blades are radiolucent under X-Ray or fluoroscopy.   TSI’s blades can be used independently, or in conjunction with other blades to create a four-way retraction and optimize visualization.

Our Phantom Series Minimally Invasive Line offers orthopedic surgical supplies that enable surgeons to perform spinal operations through small incisions.   TSI’s unique light cables are connected into the retractor blades, illuminating the surgical site and eliminating the need for surgeon headlamps.  TeDan’s Minimally Invasive Retractors, Retractor Blades, Dilators and Light Source can be purchased individually or in complete sets.   

We offer a line of orthopedic surgery instruments to cut, rasp, scrap and excavate vertebral materials and bone.  Our Kerrisons, Rongeurs, Suction Tubes and Osteotomes are all German-engineered and manufactured from only the highest quality of materials. 


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Based in Houston, Texas, TeDan Surgical Innovations supplies durable and effective surgical instruments for accessing the spine to hospitals nationwide and around the world.  Our experienced product engineer works closely with orthopedic surgeons to create new products that meet the ever-evolving challenges of the operating room.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative, high quality orthopedic surgery instruments.  TSI guarantees that all of our orthopedic surgical supplies have been manufactured by skilled instrument craftsmen using only quality materials.  Every effort is made to manufacture the finest quality surgical instruments at exacting specifications.


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