Orthopedic Surgical Instruments
TeDan Surgical Innovations, LLC is proud to offer you the finest orthopedic surgical supplies.   We offer a wide variety of orthopedic retractors for use during the lumbar, cervical, and extreme lateral approach to the spine.  TeDan Surgical Innovations is committed to providing access to the surgical site during orthopedic procedures with minimum tissue trauma.

Our minimally invasive retractors and corresponding blades enable surgeons to operate through a small incision, while maintaining sufficient visualization.  Using TeDan’s lighted blades, light cable, and light suorce, the need for headlamps is eliminated, as the surgical site is illuminated through a light channel designed in the blade.

Our innovative and expansive product lines ensure that surgeons may choose from multiple retraction options to best meet the anatomical needs of the patient.  We are proud to hold patents on several of our orthopedic surgial instruments, including our pivoting retractor, which piovots retractor blades up to 30° once inside the wound site to increase visualization without increasing the size of the incision.

TeDan engineers and manufactures all orthopedic surgical supplies to meet the diverse demands of the operating room.  From retractor blades to curettes, when you choose to use TeDan, you are choosing to use the very best in orthopedic instrumentation.

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Based in Houston, Texas, TeDan Surgical Innovations supplies durable and effective orthopedic surgical supplies for accessing the spine to hospitals nationwide and around the world. Our experienced product engineer works closely with surgeons to create new products that meet the ever-evolving challenges of the operating room. We are proud to hold patents for our retractors that use innovative designs to increase visibility for surgeons while decreasing patient wound size and the potential for tissue trauma. Experience the difference. Experience innovation.

TeDan Surgical Innovations, LLC is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative, high quality specialty orthopedic instrumentation. TSI guarantees that all of our products have been manufactured by skilled instrument craftsmen using only quality materials. Every effort is made to manufacture the finest quality surgical instruments at exacting specifications.