Lateral Spine Surgery Recap

As part of the launch of the Phantom XL3™ Lateral Access System, TSI hosted a cadaveric demonstration at the 2017 North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting. James Lynch, MD, FRCSI, FAANS of Spine Nevada lead the workshop with a detailed lecture discussing various surgical techniques for lateral lumbar interbody fusion and the benefits of using the Phantom XL3.



Following the lecture, the group watched as Dr. Lynch performed a cadaveric demonstration on how to use the Phantom XL3. He shared a few tips and tricks such as utilizing the light ports in the blade channel for added visualization, using the hex driver tool to independently tow each blade and attaching the arm to the posterior blade during fluoroscopy to accurately align the posterior margin.

“We wanted our guests to have a hands-on experience with our all-new Phantom XL3 system. Having Dr. Lynch not only describe but demonstrate the versatility of this system allowed participants to become familiar with the procedure,” Danny Fishman, President of TSI, said.

TSI also helped facilitate a more intimate workshop in which surgeons tested the system one-on-one while receiving direction from Dr. Lynch. They were able to walk through the procedure from start to finish becoming more familiar with the lateral approach.

NASS caters to a diverse surgeon base which provides a unique opportunity to bring surgeons from all over the world into one workshop. Surgeons were not only able to expand their knowledge of the fast-growing minimally invasive lateral lumbar approach but also get a first-hand look at the benefits of the Phantom XL3 Lateral Access System.

To learn more about the Phantom XL3 Lateral Access System, visit the full product listing, animation and brochure or contact us at info@tedansurgical.com.