Why choose Clean Wave?

When performance meets efficiency

Kerrison Rongeurs, along with other hand held instruments, have long been thought of as some of the most difficult items to reprocess due to their bone collection capabilities and shaft based design. With growing concerns relating to cross contamination, it is more important now than ever to provide easy-to-clean instrumentation.

The Clean Wave Kerrison Rongeur Set from TeDan Surgical Innovations (TSI) delivers the perfect combination of traditional Kerrison bone cutting power with the cleaning efficiency of a take apart instrument – with no disassembly required. With patient safety at the forefront, Clean Wave Kerrison Rongeurs give surgeons the ability to focus on the procedure at hand.


Enabling Effective Cleaning

Distinct wave design increases permeability during the cleaning process, ensuring cross contaminants are removed before each case.



Superior Performance

Unique to TSI, a large 15 mm opening increases working space to provide efficient cutting capability.




How can I test the sharpness of my Clean Wave Kerrison?

It is important to regularly inspect instruments to ensure optimal performance during each case. An easy way to measure the sharpness of your Kerrison Rongeur is to conduct a punch test using a business card.

Attempt to cut the business card using the selected Kerrison Rongeur. The Kerrison Rongeur should make a precise and clean cut through the business card and should not tear the paper. During this process also ensure that the instrument opens and closes in a smooth fashion.

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